How to query Service Fabric via PowerShell

Install the latest version of the Microsoft Service Fabric SDK and Tools on your local dev VM via the Web Platform Tools.

This will include the ServiceFabric PowerShell module.

There is detailed help about the module's commandlets available.

In a nutshell you connect to the Service Fabric and then can run commands against it. Nice and easy :)

Connect-ServiceFabricCluster -ConnectionEndpoint "localhost:19000"

Get-ServiceFabricNode | Format-Table -Property NodeName, NodeStatus, HealthState, NodeUpTime, CodeVersion

will return something like:

NodeName NodeStatus HealthState NodeUpTime CodeVersion 
-------- ---------- ----------- ---------- ----------- 
_Node_4          Up          Ok 00:53:55
_Node_3          Up          Ok 00:53:55
_Node_2          Up          Ok 00:53:55
_Node_1          Up          Ok 00:53:55
_Node_0          Up          Ok 00:53:55

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