What is TIL?

This site is the personal "Today I Learned" site for Matt Corr.

Do you ever pick up snippets of info or run into cool workarounds every day and then promptly forget them not long after?

This site is for Matt to try and recall these snippets of info and help others in the process. This would be for things larger than a tweet and smaller than a blog post.

So what sort of content will be here?

My basic rule is this: If its a small snippet with just some text and some code, I'll put it here. If it requires a bit of effort to document, it will more likely be on my main blog.

There is only ever one category for TIL snippets. Keeps things simple and easy to digest.

Where did you get this idea from?

I got this idea from Leon Bambrick who has his own TIL site here. I saw it and thought what a great idea!

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