How to create a single node cluster (offline)

To create a single node Service Fabric cluster you would follow this page from the Service Fabric documentation.

This would generally be fine, but it does assume your server will be connected to the Internet.

If your server is hidden behind a corporate firewall and not able to access the internet, it is important to follow the instructions in the link above in section "Download the Service Fabric standalone package" and to set the property enableTelemetry to false.

This is documented, but it is easy to miss!

The location in the cluster jcon config is in the Properties section. I would put under the reliabilityLevel so it is clearly visible.

"properties": {
    "reliabilityLevel": "Bronze",
    "enableTelemetry": false,
        "metadata":  "Please replace the diagnostics file share with an actual file share accessible from all cluster machines.",
        "dataDeletionAgeInDays": "7",
        "storeType": "FileShare",
        "IsEncrypted": "false",
        "connectionstring": "c:\\ProgramData\\SF\\DiagnosticsStore"
    "nodeTypes": [
        "name": "NodeType0",
        "clientConnectionEndpointPort": "19000",
        "clusterConnectionEndpointPort": "19001",
        "leaseDriverEndpointPort": "19002",
        "serviceConnectionEndpointPort": "19003",

Always run the TestConfiguration.ps1 script before you create the cluster. This should be run on the server you are planning to create the cluster on.

Expected output should be something like:

PS C:\temp\Service-Fabric-Installs\SF-Install-> .\TestConfiguration.ps1 -ClusterConfigFilePath .\ClusterConfig.Demo.json -FabricRuntimePackagePath ..\
Trace folder already exists. Traces will be written to existing trace folder: C:\temp\Service-Fabric-Installs\SF-Install-\DeploymentTraces
Running Best Practices Analyzer...
Best Practices Analyzer completed successfully.

LocalAdminPrivilege        : True
IsJsonValid                : True
IsCabValid                 : True
RequiredPortsOpen          : True
RemoteRegistryAvailable    : True
FirewallAvailable          : True
RpcCheckPassed             : True
NoConflictingInstallations : True
FabricInstallable          : True
DataDrivesAvailable        : True
Passed                     : True

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